What You Can Do!

Learn More –

Come to the First Salmon Ceremony (usually in April) in Celilo Village and meet the people.

Visit our Stories & Resources Page and read relevent articles, books… watch videos…

Follow this blog / website and our Facebook page for updates, news and related stories.

Share the Story –

Few people carry a living memory of the majesty of Celilo Falls.

Many myths exist around the history and the environmental impacts of Dams. Few people realize it is a simple choice between tax payer subsidized barge traffic or the falls.  Fewer still realize the global warming contributions of dams. Help us to get the word out.  Share on your social networks.

Advocate with Policymakers –

A handful of policymakers in NOAA, the Department of Interior and the President’s Office could demand that the Dalles Dam have the Celilo Lake lowered or the dam be completely breached. This is a time of global change in thought about dams.

Let these folks know that this is important to you.

Join Us –

If you have energy and expertise to contribute to this effort we are always looking for board members / committee members to help us do this work. Contact Treothe Bullock our Secretary at  treothe@yahoo.com for more info.

Support the Work

Currently we are an all volunteer organization.  We are hoping to generate funding for worldclass film making, educational curriculum, policymaker briefs, and related projects.

Support the work financially! Thank you!


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