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Coverage of our presentation at PIELC 2015 – Our presentation was much more nuanced than a report like this is able to represent – and it is a sincere effort at representing some of the perspectives shared. Celilo Falls is much more than the historically largest waterfall in North America. It is a heart of a disrupted but present Ancient Tribal Fishery – which honors and defends the integrity of human relationships with salmon, water and all the lands and seas that they connect. It is a place which represents a trust between those who have come before and those who are yet unborn. It will be a good day when we realize the dreaming of the return of Wyam!

Celilo Falls, Community Rights Explored At Pielc | eugeneweekly.com.celilo 1930's


Celilo Falls – Presentation for Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2015

Umatilla Women at Celilo Falls - Photo by Moorhouse Lee - Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Umatilla Women at Celilo Falls – Photo by Moorhouse Lee – Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Panel Description: For at least 14,000 years, Celilo Falls and Celilo Village have been places where nature and culture come together in indigenous legal orders to direct sustainable fisheries management throughout the Columbia Basin. This panel will explore how restoration of Celilo Falls might provide a generational opportunity to revitalize the salmon-based ecologies, economies, and cultures of the Pacific Northwest. This panel will also consider how restoring Celilo Falls can serve to reinvigorate treaty law, common law, community rights, and the rights of autopoietic nature throughout North America.


Panel presented on March 6, 2015 at the Many Nations Longhouse, Oregon State University by

Treothe Bullock, Celilo Falls Restoration Fund, Secretary; Paul CienfuegosCommunityRightsPDX.org, Co-Founder; ; Aurolyn Stwyer, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs/Celilo, Museum at Warm Springs Board Member

Presentation Slides of Treothe Bullock


Presentation Slides used by Aurolyn Stwyer

Celilo Falls Education Fund – Mission Statement

Celilo Falls Education Fund Mission

Celilo Falls Education Fund (CFEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the natural rights of NChi’Wana (the Columbia River) and its indigenous cultures and ecosystems, beginning with Celilo Falls. CFEF advances evolution of the region’s dominant economy and culture away from conquest and exploitation of NChi’Wana toward cooperation and ecological integrity. CFEF is committed to promoting restoration of Celilo Falls as an essential step toward recognizing NChi’Wana’s natural rights and transforming the region’s dominant economy and culture. Key points in this vision include: the revitalization of her waters, recovery of native fisheries and the full restoration of indigenous harvest sites of the Mid-Columbia. To achieve this mission we will:

  • Sponsor and participate in events empowering dialogue between diverse stakeholders;
  • Build educational media and curricula; and
  • Foster interdisciplinary studies of economic, ecological, social and legal opportunities to realize this vision of a free NChi’Wana.

Contact CFEC c/o treothe@yahoo.com

Thank you for your generous support of this vision and work!

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